Castelvecchio, the old castle

Castelvecchio, Manor Scaliger made by the will of Cangrande, is the most important monument of the military as well as the most important castle of the city of Verona.  

It was built in 1354 and initially was called "Castle of St. Martin in Acquaro" and took its name from the small church which is located inside the castle. It took the name of Castelvecchio when the "new" castle of San Pietro was built on the hill.

Thanks to its location, the Castelvecchio allowed out of the city easily and quickly and was conceived as a defense against invasion and popular rebellions.

Castelvecchio is located near the bridge that takes its name from the castle, a bridge of about 120m considered a masterpiece of engineering of the fourteenth century.

The famous Scaliger Castle consists of a large courtyard surrounded by a wall of the fourteenth century and 7 towers. The most important Tower is called "Mastio".

Castelvecchio houses the city museum that takes the name of Scaliger Castle.