The Arena of Verona

The Arena of Verona

The Arena of Verona is the monument that characterizes the city and makes it famous worldwide.

The Arena is one of the best preserved Roman amphitheatres in Italy and it is the third largest after the Colosseum in Rome and the Amphitheatre of Capua.

With a perimeter of 435m and a height of about 30m, in ancient times, the Arena was used as a theater for shows of gladiators that were fighting with wild animals and for popular shows.

Since 1913, with the first performance of "Aida", the Arena di Verona became the largest outdoor theater of opera in the world that makes it famous.

Lyric Season

Due to its popularity, the Arena of Verona together with the Philharmonic Theatre, is the meeting point for the largest opera companies in the world.

In fact, every year, besides the possibility to visit the large Roman amphitheater, inside the Arena will be on stage the largest opera season in the world.

Lyrical but not only...

Also the greatest singers choose it as a location for their concerts. Said by the greatest artists, the atmosphere that is created inside the Arena of Verona is a unique atmosphere in the world.