Teatro Romano and Ponte Pietra

The Teatro Romano

Another Roman work of great importance after the Arena of Verona is located at the foot of the Colle St. Peter along the shore of Adige, the Teatro Romano.

This structure, which has undergone a series of major natural events,anyway remained in a good condition today, especially the bearing walls, part of the scene, the lodges and impressive staircase.

Because of its excellent preservation, the Teatro Romano in Verona is considered the most important Roman theater throughout northern Italy. 

Nowadays it is the scenario of Verona Summer Theatre, a major theatre events calendar in Verona but not only, lately it is becoming increasingly important as a meeting place for jazz lovers.

Ponte Pietra

At the foot of the Teatro Romano, there is one of the most important bridges in Verona, Ponte Pietra.

In Roman times, the bridge was initially built of wood, but having been destroyed several times during the wars and earthquakes, it was rebuilt and was the first major public work of marble in Verona.

Ponte Pietra is 95 m long and 4m wide and it is the bridge that probably gave rise to the city of Verona.